How to Join?

Looking at joining Kimberley Swimming Club?

First things first come along … introduce yourself take a look at any of the sessions available … feel free to have a chat we have an interest in developing swimming for all …

From the desk to the pool you are sure of talking to people who have spent the majority of their lives in the swimming world.

From there make an arrangement for a trial. These are usually held on Sunday evenings at 7.15p.m but alternative times can be arranged if Sunday evening is not suitable for you.

All kids are made to feel welcome and of value from the first time to the last.

Our vastly experienced team will guide your little swimmer to the true potential they all have… for further details drop us a line, we would welcome any opportunity of discussing what you are looking for and what we can provide…


What equipment do I need. “To start with a swimming costume and some goggles, that’s about it your coach will let you know as and when, what equipment you will need later but to start with a swimming costume and goggles is all you will need. Most coaches advise a water bottle or juice bottle for poolside as all swimmers need to drink as much as possible during a session”

What happens once my child has a trial “The way in which a swimmer is judged is by lanes. Each lane has a particular type of swimmer in it. The grading is constantly reviewed based on the capability and confidence of the children within it. Coaches as part of what they do will try and improve all the swimmers in their lane to move them to a more advanced lane as soon as they feel they are ready. At which point the swimmer is again reviewed to see whether this is the right lane for them or whether a few more sessions in a lower lane would help them. At any time the child can ask to go back to a lower lane without any penalty to gain further experience. The lanes are labelled to ensure that the child understands the development. As part of the trial the coaches will attempt to grade the swimmer and place them in a lane which they feel is relevant based on their experience and knowledge of what is required. Once a swimmer is placed in a lane the coach there will review that decision and a further assessment will take place to ensure that the swimmer is in the correct place. Any changes are discussed between the coaches and usually most children develop at their own pace and speed and are happy to learn as they go along”

How many times a week will my child be able to swim “To start with (depending at what level they are) twice weekly raising to up to 4 times a week. All sessions are dependant on capability and what ever your child needs/wants to do”

Can I talk to someone about my child’s needs “All coaches are happy to discuss any element of the children’s development in terms of swimming. Most coaches will welcome any input you have and the fact that you wish to get involve, will both enhance and inspire the child to progress. As in all things anything that the coach cant advise on they can get the information from other coaches or people within the club”

Is swimming an expensive hobby “All hobbies have a cost. The club minimises the cost by volume purchasing pool time and by using solely volunteers as staff. All the staff are dedicated to the club and are happy to provide all the needs of the swimmers without personal gain. In terms of the cost per swim this can be significantly cheaper than using the normal facilities. Once the annual membership is paid the actual cost per swim is merely £2.75 a swim (2016) which is a lot less than a cup of coffee in some places. This gives your child a dedicated coach and all the advice and stimulation they need to perform at their best possible standard. To start with in order to ascertain whether the child wishes to swim with the club there is no pressure to pay anything for a few sessions”

Is my child safe “Anyone coming into contact with your child has been subjected to a full dbs enhanced certificated check. No one is permitted to coach children unless they have this check and it is certificated. The club has all the details of any coaches that have any contact. Together with this there is a dedicated welfare officer whose sole job is to ensure the safety of all the children. The club is as safe an environment as you can get. There are also dedicated life guards (usually from the pool management team) who again are there solely for the children’s welfare. The club has safety policies which are routinely checked against current legislation. This is all apart from the dedicated coaches who are constantly checking all the children for safety and wellbeing whilst under their care. Kimberley Swimming Club is definitely a safety conscious club”

Can I help “All parents are welcome to join the committee where various essential tasks are performed. Full training is given and it is surprising how much people’s external expertise can help the club with its necessary elements. The more involvement the parent makes the better the experience of the child within the club. All parents can help. Don’t forget the club only exists because of the help it receives from all the volunteers within it”

Does my child have to compete “No child is forced to compete it is offered as an option once the coach team feels the child is ready and no pressure what so ever is put on that child. Most children use the annual club championships to gain confidence to spring board into inter club galas. This is offered to all children as an option but again no pressure is put on them. most children do compete at some point but only once they have the confidence and knowledge that they require”

My child doesn’t want to compete “Again no child is forced to compete at any stage. Most children are happy to compete when they feel they are ready. It isn’t as daunting as it first seems. Kimberley has a very good record of having inspired, motivated swimmers, who chose to compete and perform to an excellent standard. Regardless as to the position achieved all children are encouraged and praised for all achievements, even turning up for a gala and competing is an achievement and this is recognised by the club. Some swimmers go on from inter club to county championships and again Kimberley has a very good record of swimmers achieving to this level and beyond.”